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To You Mom

Updated: May 29, 2021

I Will Ever Be Grateful

You chose orphaned me to be part of the family.

Having three boys you wanted, needed a girl.

"Do you want to stay?" The social worker asked.

"They've not had a daughter before--yes, I'll stay."

A few years later we sat before a judge.

On that day I became forever yours.

"Thank you" feels so small an expression compared to

such a selfless act of love.

Your dream to be a nurse, put on hold,

Not out of duty or obligation, but love from a mother's heart.

With firm boundaries and unconditional love,

Safety and peace filled my days except when I ate.

Going to bed for not clearing my plate didn't seem right,

But I understand now it was because you were worried I'd be malnourished.

Through the years you've supported me with wise advice, tough love,

And a wonderful example of how love your family.

I wanted to be like you--I am.

I'm mom and an adoptive mom, too.

Your love changed my life.

So, how could I not extend the same to an orphan or two?

Mom, I am forever grateful for your love.

© 2021 Norma Poore


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