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Hi.Nice to MeetYou!



     Over fifty foster children graced my home through a seven year period and two of these became forever Poore.

      I was a foster child until my adoption at the age of seven. I know first-hand what many of these children have experienced and used that knowledge to meet their emotional and physical needs. I’m thankful my family supported me and showed unconditional love to those less fortunate.

     I'm on a different journey now, but my compassion for the hurting still drives me. I write inspirational nonfiction, encouraging women to hold fast to their faith and trust God in every situation that comes their way.

     A few things about me as a writer. I’m an award winning writer, co-host on Writers Chat, the managing editor of Almost an Author website, where I also post biweekly recaps of Writers Chat.

     A devotion of mine was accepted by Abundance Books, and I have more devotions in the works.  

     I’m not sure how I could have done all God called me to do over the years without my knight in shining armor, David. We’ve been married forty years and together we have ten children (including the in-laws) and eleven grandchildren--who I think are the greatest and most beautiful in all the world.


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